"I am not a Toon, I am a living being! And you know it very well!"

-Adrian J. Foxx to the Director

Adrian J. Foxx








Actor/Cartoon Character (former), Warrior (current)

Birth Date

19th July 2010 (created)

Adrian J. Foxx the main Toon protagonist and the star of his own cartoon. He is also the first Toon who had discovered his own free will that nearly matched that of a human.


Adrian is the first character to appear in the series when he filmed his cartoon shot then contemplating about his existence.


At first, Adrian is introduced as a down-on-his-luck Toon on his own TV series, along with his co-stars, Rocky Mole and his intended love interest, Harriet Rabbit. This had changed when Adrian suddenly developed his own concious and free will, rejecting Harriet as his girlfriend and did not follow the script of the series. He also questioned his existence and purpouse as a toon to his collagues but was silenced by the security. His personality gradually developed into maturity, fully understanding his existence not only as a Toon, but also as a living being. He displayed his emotion similar to Toons but more deeper than he was created.



Adrian was created by an animator as a normal Toon. Once he was created, he was briefed and trained by the older, experienced toons of how to act in the industry. Some of these toons were very famous such as Roger Rabbit, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse and the Warner Siblings.

The Incident and Rogue ToonEdit

Adrian expressed his desire to find a job, lived amongst the human and be accepted as a living being, not a source of entertainment. When his greedy director refused to let Adrian go, he assulted him out of his defense. Horrified at his action, Adrian flee from the studio while his friend, Rocky, found the battered director in the office. His action led into a wild goose chase between him and the authorities.

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