Akemi is a new Japanese anime character who was "infected" by a mysterious "plaque" of free will. Eventually, her fear of having her personality reformatted back into her original character turned herself against anything human-related and allied herself to Neo Alpha-1.


Akemi is the newest character for a shoujo anime in Japan. Like Adrian and other new Toons, she suddenly developed a sense of free will akin to humans. When Akemi love the character opposite to her lover that he creator had decided for her, the producer was so furious that he ordered her character to be rewritten again. Frightened, Akemi hides along with the wanted characters in Japan. Later, she and the other characters were sent inside Alpha-1 to live peacefully inside it.


Akemi is a sixteen-year old high school student with bright red hair. In the anime, she falls in love with a lonely boy at her school.


Before she gained her own free will, Akemi acts like a typical shoujo manga protagonist: cute, clumsy and cheerful in any situation. Her development caused by her free will changed her character tremendously, leading her choices and actions to prevent something that she gained newly from being taken away. Akemi's character is said to become more tragic unless someone offered her a new salvation.

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