Alpha-1 is one of the three main locations in Alpha Image Renaissance. Its structure is nearly similar to modern New York City but with more technological structure like Tron: Legacy's TRON system. This location served as the living sanctuary for all free will Toons and humans against their oppresors.

Alpha-1 had ten main sectors that makes up the whole city.

The WorldEdit

The realm of Alpha-1 operates like a normal physical law in the real world but it would give its residents a choice to bend the rules of physics, in a similar way to the Matrix. Still, the physics in Alpha-1 is still limited and excessive use of its anti-physics would corrupt its users.



The concept of Alpha-1 was roughly presented in 1988 when its creator, Dr. Jonathan Yamanaka, met coincidentally with ENCOM CEO, Kevin Flynn, at the New Year's Eve party. At that time, Alpha-1 is only a video game that he developed using a virtual reality simulation, hoping that it would reshape the human condition of the world. Interested, Kevin discussed with Dr. Yamanaka about the new 'digital frontier' that he developed, promising Yamanaka that the system would be different than what he thought. By 1989, during Kevin Flynn's dissaperance, Yamanaka was encouraged to developed Alpha-1 further, intended it as an artificial city with a new simulated reality that achieve things that are far beyond of what the physical world could achieve. Thus, by 1990, Dr. Yamanaka programmed Alpha-1 on a highly restricted server inside the basement of an abandoned building.

Development and Rogue Toon IncidentEdit

The project was slowly developed with highly complex calculations; it was to ensure that the realm would still provide physical realism that nearly matched with the Real World.

Years later, in 2011, Dr. Yamanaka received a distress call from his nephew, requesting a sanctuary for a rogue Toon who had been hiding from the authority for weeks. He saw this as an opportunity to tested out the Alpha-1 system to see if it worked. Since Adrian is already a Toon, he could enter Alpha-1 easily on his own but for humans, it would require a technological assisstance.

Prominent Areas of Alpha-1Edit

  • Sector 1: City
  • Sector 5: Forest
  • Sector 6: Ocean
  • Sector 10: Blank Point

See AlsoEdit

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