Alpha Image Renaissance is a collaborative fan wiki which depicts a fictional historical timeline between the age of animation and its subsuquent war between the three factions: Real World, Neo Alpha-1 and Alpha-1. The first part of the series depicts the creation of Alpha-1 while the second part is focused on the uprising of the former Alpha-1 colony residents as Neo Alpha-1 to overrule Real World based on their own reality. The thid of the series is still undetermined but will conclude the war between the factions.


The series was divided into three parts with a narrative structure provided by a toon rebel named Adrian J. Fox. It follows a fictional historical event where newly made toons were suddenlt influenced by a "plaque" of free will, prompting them to flee in a cyber-surrealism world where they can live peacefully. Eventually, their sanctuary shattered when half of its population began to rebel against the humans at which it escalates into an attempt for universe domination.


The concept of the series is to create a new atmosphere on the usual animated crossovers. The original idea is a crossover Fan Fiction between Lilo and Stitch, where both of them deals with the rampaging lost cousin of Stitch, Experiment 1000, who is serving under the commands of the Decepticon leader, Megatron. In three years, the ideas are scrapped and developed until the author saw potential ideas and philosophies from The Matrix series.

Author Elena Megan stated, "At first, I'm doing this sort of a fun crossover thing but then, an idea occured to me: what if a Toon suddenly developed a free will? Not in the animated way, it's more like a human type feeling that we get since birth." She then added again in her concept, "Usually, we, as the creators, were the ones who gets to decide what to do with the character and how will their fate would end but it'll be really suprising if a cartoon character abruptly defied his own fate under their human creation and literally breaking the rules of how a cartoon character supposed to behave."


Alpha Image Renaissance takes place in the present-day 21st Century where Toons and Humans co-exist together. The first part of the story is set mostly around Real World while Alpha-1 is seen as a minor location as it was under construction. The second part focused on each transitions between Alpha-1 and Real World within the Neo Alpha-1's subsequent quest towards total dominations in Real World and Alpha-1. Some parallel universes or dimensions is seen briefly when Neo Alpha-1 invades them.


Alpha Image Renaissance draws many inspirations from The Matrix and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, basically generated into a hybrid of "cyberpunk-fantasy". Some elements from Tron: Legacy are avaliable in the construction of the alternate virtual reality, Alpha-1.

The series featured many crossovers and cameos of various animated characters living along together with humans, a noted reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit film along with 2003's Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

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