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The Alpha Image Renaissance wiki is a fan wiki of a collaborative historical fiction where the world co-exist with fictional characters ala Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

The main storyline follows the birth of Toons into the world and their collaboration into the present age until a Toon with a free will was created during the pinnacle of modern animation. A human programmer, sympathizing with the Toons who were persecuted for their developed free will, builds a cyber-reality place for them to exist peacefully as a normal living being. The place was named Alpha-1 by themselves. However, the board directors of animation had sensed a future jeopardy for their source of entertainment industry and they have decided to invade the world in order to bring the Toons into the place where they belong. Before long, half of the colonies in Alpha-1 formed themselves as Neo Alpha-1 and were planning to purge all realities in their own kind. Their invasion brings divisions amongst the realities as the sides are struggling to stay alive and prove themselves worthy of their existence in the world.

With the realities clashing through each other, there was only one single question left to answer:

"What it meant to exist in REALITY?"





The wikia was made for fun purposes and does not occur within the continuity of every avaliable entertainment industries in animation, movies, game, etc.

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