"What's my secret is mine. I don't need you to get involved with this."

-Lori to Adrian

Lori Baxter






Human, American


College student, Hacker

Birth date

29 March 1993

Lori Baxter is the main heroine of the Alpha Image Renaissance. She is also known as a hacker under the alias Zion.


Lori is an atractive young woman with a cold, calculative look. As Zion, she wore sunglasses to protect her identity.


Lori is a very secretive person due to her hidden work as an infamous hacker. As such, she had not shown much of her true personality throughout the series and preferring to show herself as an aloof, professional woman with intellect. Never the less, Lori will risk her life to save those who were involved in her own matter, stating that it would be her own fault if she was responsible for many casulaties during the government's hunt for her.



Lori is born as the only child of an American couple in Nebraska. She holds a close bond with her estranged uncle who was a computer programmer. Later, Lori became interested in computer programming and secretly learned everything by herself through the books that her uncle had left before he moved to Manhattan.

Transition to ZionEdit

In 2001, Lori and her family moved to Odaiba, Japan, as part of her father's job. At that point, she was somehow involved in the Digimon Adventure 02 storyline as a witness to the emerging Digimon in the real world. After everything went back to normal, Lori continued her studies at the local high school. She accidentally stumbled upon the government's secret files when she was browsing through the internet. Seeing the plans for corruption on the files, Lori secretly saves the data and leaked it to the internet under an anonymous name. This had caused a mild-spread panic around the world and as such, the government ordered for her capture. Sensing the danger, Lori adopted her code name, Zion, as a safety reason and became a hacker vigilante.

21st Century and the Rogue Toon IncidentEdit

By 2010, Lori became known as the infamous hacker for hacking through government related files, taking her job secretly through various disclosed organizations. She became involved in the incident when Dr. Yamanaka requested Lori to aid Adrian in Alpha-1. She first appeared as the second winner of the computer programming competition in Japan.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

The real world where Lori lived basically gives Humans an average basic capabilities with limited aids. In Alpha-1 however, Lori could bend the rules of physics much like those in the Matrix, capable of turning herself into a superhuman prodigy. Her abilities were manifested through various superpower nature in Alpha-1 although she cannot retrained this nature once she was back in the reality.

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