"Hand over everything you've got... if you still value your life, human."

-Lumen to an innocent victim.

Lumen is one of the four main members in 'The Enforcers' and one of the major antagonist of the series. It is implied that he and his co-partner, Umbra, both shared a deep romantic relationship.


Lumen appears as a brutish young man; he is muscular than the other enforcers and possesed a goatee on his chin. Like all the Enforcers, Lumen's body is made from bio-cybernetic weapon that he used to smite his enemies. He seems to favor using blunt-type weapons the most.


Lumen enjoys showing off his excessive thirst of violence, a trait which annoys Revon the most. Another trait that he possesed is to end things quickly; as such, he often rushed into things before thinking, causing many conflict from his lack of information. His lover, Umbra, was devoted to him and in exchange for her love, Lumen promised to show no mercy on anyone who had threatened Umbra's life.


Lumen was created in July 2011 along with Vinette, Umbra and Revon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lumen relies heavily on his strength, being able to shatter road blocks within 20 km miles per radius.

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