"You're unique, you know that? Everyone is unique but nobody can see that deeper other than yourself."

-Neil to Adrian.

Neil Walter






Human, American


Computer programmer, hacker, Alpha-1's secret agent

Birth Date

16th Match 1990

Neil Walter is the primary human male protagonist and is the nephew of Dr. Jonathan Yamanaka. He helped Adrian J. Foxx escaped from the pursuing authorities by bringing him to the world of Alpha-1 inside his uncle's server. He is also a hacker under the alias Silver.


Neil appears as a tall young adult wearing a grey garb. When rescuing Adrian from the pursuers, Neil wore a dark blue helmet to hide his face from the authority.


Neil had a playful dispotition towards his team mates; he likes getting to Lori's nerves the most, possibily hinting their personal relationship. He had shown to be courageous and willing to help anyone indiscriminately.



Neil Walter spends most of his time with his uncle due to his father's death. His mother replaced the household family as the source of income and became workaholic as a result, leaving Neil to be home alone. Dr. Yamanaka pitied his nephew and invited him along to see his work, promising Neil that his creation would change his life.

21st Century and the Rogue Toon IncidentEdit

Neil somehow became involved with the incident when he helped Adrian to escape from the authorities in contrast to Eddie Valiant's reluctant assistance to reveal Roger Rabbit's innocence.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Like other humans who entered Alpha-1, Neil could manipulate the laws of physics through his manifested superhuman powers. He retrained his atheltic prowess but became far more superior in terms of strength on Alpha-1 world.

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