Neo Alpha-1 is the term used in the story as the way to identify the former Alpha-1 factions as the opposing party who believed that all dimensions should bow on their feet before them in order not to be identified as a former 'Toon'. Their view can be seen as a slight act of revenge against the Humans from Real World, although this only applied to Alpha-1's Toon's point of view.


All members are known to despise humans and those who affiliated with them. They are seen to be scornful, viewing them as nothing but a heartless, greedy beings.


Ideologies and BeliefEdit

All the members affiliated with Neo Alpha-1 developed a slight fanatical desire to payback againt the Humans for "enslaving" them in the entertainment industries as well as their sins. Their goal is to spread the perfected system of Alpha-1 across dimensions so that they would be recognizeable not only as an independent nation but the whole universe as the main powerhold.

Notable Members of Neo Alpha-1Edit

The ResidentsEdit

The EnforcersEdit

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