'Toons' as seen in Cartoon Network universe

"Toon", a abbreviation of a "cartoon" (an on-real, animated or cartoon creature or character). All Toons come from another dimension known as the “Tooniverse,” and the only way into it from the real world is Toontown, an animated city next Hollywood/Los Angeles where most Toons live. Beside that, most Toons, especially those who worked in the anime industry, lived inside their own dimensions and parallel universe.

All Toons were once put in danger when Judge Doom (a crazy Toon disguised as a real human) planned on destroying Toontown (by using Dip) for commercial trade and a proposed freeway. All Toons were almost completely wiped out until Doom’s plans were stopped by Eddie Valiant, along with Jessica and Roger Rabbit. This had only happened once in 1947, dubbed as the "Doom's Toon Eradication Incident". The second incident happened in the present 21st Century, after a rebel Toon had gone rogue under the eyes of the entertainment industry.

Toon Biology and FeaturesEdit

Most Toons tend to have exaggerated, usually anthropomorphic, appearances based on some real animal or object. Toons could be humans, realistic humans, anthropomorphic animals, realistic animals, robots, objects, anthromorphic objects, extraterrestrial creatures, mythical beings, and other unidentified, newly imagined creatures, monsters, or abstract, surreal characters, often having grossly caricatured appearances, odd physical features (e.g., four fingered hands, floating eyes and eyebrows, etc.) or extremely realistic appearances.

Almost all Toons (depending on their personality) have a innate sense of comedic or dramatic timing. Most Toons also have (also depending on their personality) an intense focus on a single-minded goal, such as hunting, catching prey, having selfish needs, being hungry, or capturing the object of one's romantic feelings; generally with comedic or dramatic results. Although they were portrayed as an animated being, they were never truly a living being due to the limited free will they have. This view had changed when a toon suddenly possesed a deep thought and desires that matched to a human being.

Most Toons (mostly because of them being from another universe) also possessed amusing abilities that contradict laws of physics in the real world, usually disregarding the physical laws that govern the real universe when traveling inside the real world (and a reciprocal disregard of those laws for them). Toons could also accomplish feats and possessed powers which were impossible for anything or anyone in the real world to imitate or do. All Toons are also almost completely immune and nearly indestructible to any serious injury (e.g., being crushed, shot, decapitated, frozen or burned, stretched, etc.). This is especially seen in Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Toons, however, used these unique abilities to entertain Humans in the real world. The only way to actually permanently kill a Toon is to dip it in “Dip” (though Eddie Valiant defeated Doom’s weasels by making them laugh to death).

Some Toons also had the ability to produce certain things to show feelings and emotions (e.g., hearts floating over heads when in love, explosions in eye pupils and/or steam shooting out of ears when angry, stars or birds orbiting heads after spinning around and/or getting smashed, ect.). Comic strips are produced by photographing Toon characters. Comic book Toon characters spoke in word balloons which appeared above their heads whenever they talked.

Toons also never aged. Many theatrical shorts and comic strips often feature characters in both present day and moments of history, and in both examples they don't appear to have ages. In comics or movies, when certain animated characters appear to age according to timing, are really different version variations of the characters playing the part of the character in the film.



In the beggining, mankind found their source of entertainment through illustrated stories, books and performing arts. After a while, the characters gradually developed their conciousness yet limited to their one purpouse in the story.

The era of toons had been first originated in the early 20th century, where the entertainment area became more prominent around animation. Its breakthrough begins with the infamous Toon known as Mickey Mouse, was created by the legendary animator, Walt Disney. Since then, many of the world's today's loveable characters were born and accepted by the rest of the human society and quickly became superstars.

Doom's Toon Eradication IncidentEdit

In 1947, the Toons's existence were in complete threat when a psychopathic toon named Judgge Doom, under his human disquise, developed a chemical substance of which it could use to kill Toons permanently.

Golden Years of AnimationEdit

21st Century and Rebel Toon IncidentEdit

In the era of 21st century, most of the animation did make it through the expectations of the viewers yet many are still created in order to fulfill the satisfaction of the viewers. This had changed when a Toon known as Adrian J. Foxx refused to play his role inside his own televised cartoon. When his director forces him to return to his own show, Adrian assaulted his director and ran away from the studio. The world was alerted by the news as it is the first time for a Toon to defy its own creator. In addition to that, Adrian is the first Toon to display a free will and emotions that close resembled to human's.

Soon after, the other Toons began to developed their own free will, mostly starting with newer, underappreciated Toons to fan works and finally to even the most famous cartoons in the series. Many had spectaculated that a worldwide epidemic is affecting the Toons this way. The whole board of entertainment went uproar as it would jeopardize their business.

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