Umbra is one of the four members of 'The Enforcers' in Alpha-1 and a major antagonist in the series. She had an romantic relationship with her co-partner, Lumen.


Umbra was created in July 2011 along with her fellow Enforcers: Vinette, Revon and Lumen.


Umbra appears as a full grown woman in her mid-twenties wearing a crimson colored coat with fur edges and a stylish silver catsuit accesorized with different types of hand firearms slinging around it. Like the other Enforcers, Umbra's body is made from bio-cybernetic weapon that allows her to form any kind of weapons from her limbs.


Umbra appears as a sultry, seductive Enforcer. Sheregards her opponents as a childish warrior. It doesn't mean that she couldn't show her full potential as an Enforcer. She is also totally devoted to her lover and partner, Lumen, that became extremely furious should anything happened to him.


Umbra and Lumen were sent to the Real World in order to capture their first batch of humans to be used as a part of a secret project in Alpha-1.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Like other Enforcers, Umbra is capable of using her superhuman powers to deal damage around her opponents. This includes her flexibility to dodge any incoming attacks as well as adjusting her cybernetic limbs into different types of weapon. So far, she had shown the small power to conjure up a regeneration when she took a large amount of damage in the battle.

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