"Program: Vinette. Date created: July 2011. Mission: To spread justice inside Alpha-1."

- Vinette's first words.

Vinette is the primary enforcer of Alpha-1. Out of all four, she was the most strongest enforcer ever to be known in Alpha-1.


Vinette was created in July 2011 by Dr. Jonathan Yamanaka. Her purpouse is to protect the residents in Alpha-1 with might and just. However, she does not have speicific views of what justice it due to Dr. Yamanaka adding a bit of free will inside her system.


Like all Enforcers, Vinette's body contains bio-cybernetic weapons yet hers seemed to be more highly advanced than the others.


Vinette is emotionless, a trait that she followed from the beginning of the series. She mainly follows loyally towards her master and displayed no such affection towards the others. However, she is seen to be quite close to her comrade, Revon.



  • Vinette is named after a computer virus, V1.
  • Vinette is the only character who was originally intended to become a major antagonist in the scrapped Lilo and Stitch crossover fan fiction. Her character was nearly the same except she was affiliated with the Decepticons. Originally, she is said to have a bigger role in the fan fiction haside to opposing Stitch.
    • Coincidentally, her team mates: Revon, Umbra and Lumen are also the antagonists on the original fan fiction idea.

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